Blockchain Exploits Used by ICE in Investigations

Whether it is the war of words with North Korea, battling extremism in terror hotbeds, or finding a solution to the South China sea stalemate, America has a lot on her hands. On foreign land, depending on the critic, America is making progress. Back at home, ICE officials are progressing in the fight against opioid addiction thanks to blockchain exploits.

On January 25th, while giving a testimony on how ICE is tackling the drug menace, Nevano revealed that blockchain exploitation tools are being used by ICE to identify cryptocurrency users in illegal drug markets. Nevano also used this forum to elaborate how the Immigration and Customs Enforcement is fighting drug deliveries in the country.

International Mail Drug Deliveries in America 

Most drug deliveries in America pass through the international mail services. To identify the individuals behind the drug trade, ICE has been using sophisticated blockchain exploitation tools. While the blockchain exploitation tools do a great deal in revealing the faces behind drug trafficking, Nevano revealed that ICE uses other cyber-based tactics to prevent the delivery of drugs into the country using international mail deliveries.

This week, Greg Nevano was discussing how the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is focused on fighting opioid and fentanyl addiction in America. Greg Nevano also tabled a report that explains how ICE is fighting illegal activities that stem from drug deliveries. ICE has been relying on sophisticated cyber-technology to combat the drug trade and other illicit activities. Nevano additionally informed the Senate Committee that a lot of traffickers are using cryptocurrencies to facilitate drug trade across multiple borders.

How ICE Is Fighting Illicit Trade and Narcotics Using Blockchain Exploits

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency supports its diversified financial investigative efforts. One of the techniques ICE uses includes infiltrating and exploiting peer to peer exchanges. Through these undercover operations, ICE can identify individuals who carry out money laundering for criminal enterprises. Some of the platforms that ICE monitors in its investigations are in the deep web (darknet.)

ICE is scaling its crackdown on illicit trade and narcotics. The agency is training more investigators from the national and international law enforcement agencies. The training covers how to scrutinize cryptocurrency tethered to narcotic purchases.

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