ICO List

RankCoinTime RemainingTimezoneDescriptionWebsite
1 DaricoUTC+0Decentralised digital marketing platformBuy
2 BioritmaiUTC+4A modern system of biorhythm monitoring with the most sophisticated tools for analysis and realtime diagnosticsBuy
3 Eos UTC+4A powerful infrastructure for decentralized appsBuy
4 TranscodiumUTC+0Transcodium aims to provide the first peertopeer blockchain based and decentralized mediaBuy
RankCoinTime RemainingTime ZoneDescriptionWebsite
1 LendoitUTC+2Lendoit is the only True Decentralized P2P Lending Platform using Blockchain TechnologyBuy
2 OpportyUTC+0Opporty is a decentralized service marketplace and selfregulated knowledgesharing community platformBuy
3 Travelflex CoinUTC+8New DAG tech based cryptocurrency decentralized social travel network and payment systemBuy
4 BitroadUTC+0A modern solution for reliable global money transactionsBuy
5 SolareumUTC+0Solareum brings solar energy on BlockchainBuy
6 AppcoinsUTC+0AppCoins is the first cryptocurrency for app stores serving 200 million active usersBuy
7 CovestingUTC+0Revolutionary copytrading platform combined with the most complete infrastructure for investors and cryptocurrency tradersBuy
8 Envion (Evn)UTC+0ENVION makes mining green mobileBuy
9 CrypteriumUTC--4Digital mobile cryptobankBuy
10 BitetherUTC+0Fully decentralized investment opportunitiesBuy
11 UserviceUTC+0Global Decentralized Blockchain Platform For Automotive IndustryBuy
12 Kyc.LegalUTC+0KYCLEGAL is the identity verification platform on a blockchainBuy
13 IungoUTC+0Global wireless internet service providerpowered by blockchainBuy
14 ShipchainUTC+0Disrupting transport and logistics on the BlockchainBuy
15 CrowdwizUTC+0CrowdWiz Bringing the future of investment into your handsBuy
16 VimarketUTC+0A 3D marketplace that allows users to create and share virtual reality VR experiences ViMarket promises to bring about a muchneeded breakthrough in the global ecommerce ecosystemBuy
17 Gameflip – Flip (Flp)UTC+0FLIP Cryptotoken for gamers from gaming expertsBuy
18 Jibrel NetworkUTC+0Jibrel provides traditional financial assets such as currencies bonds and equities as standard ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum BlockchainBuy
19 PropifyUTC--8The Decentralized Real Estate PlatformBuy
20 BitdegreeUTC+0The worlds first blockchainpowered online education platform with token scholarships tech talent acquisitionBuy
21 Travelchain ProjectUTC+0DECENTRALIZED DATA EXCHANGE FOR THE TRAVEL INDUSTRY where travelers and businesses profit from sharing their infoBuy
22 KriosUTC+0Decentralised digital marketing platformBuy
23 VaultbankUTC+0A blueprint for disintermediated financial servicesBuy
24 OutingUTC+1The first community app dedicated to events in real time that rewards users with its own cryptocurrency usable anywhere in the worldBuy
25 HandelionUTC+2Handelion is a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem for cofunded wholesale tradeBuy
26 CryptoibetUTC+0CryptoIBet is the next generation platform for online gaming experienceBuy
27 Digit CoinUTC+7Empowering BlockchainBased Digital Marketing The Most Powerful Digital Marketing Solutions on BlockchainBuy
28 3D-TokenUTC+0The glocal decentralized justintime factory 40Buy
29 Giza DeviceUTC+0Hardware Wallet Password ManagerBuy
30 InspeerUTC+2A Peertopeer lending service that works with Cryptocurrency and FiatBuy
31 VionexUTC+0Vionex is a revolutionary blockchainbased smart home systemBuy
32 MinerdogUTC+0MinerDog coin pays you monthly dividends in Ether from profits of our crypto mining operationsBuy
33 CryptohawkUTC+1The worlds first AllinOne solution for cryptocurrenciesBuy
34 SynthestechUTC+0Synthestech is a scientific research center engaged in technology development for synthesis of precious metals and valuable isotopesBuy
35 LucydUTC+0Join the Augmented Reality Revolution with LucydBuy
36 Native Video BoxUTC+0An independent video distribution platform with native eco approach to advertising based on machine learningBuy
37 RentberryUTC+0Decentralized Home Rental PlatformBuy
38 HoquUTC+0HOQU is the worlds first Decentralized Affiliate PlatformBuy
39 BiofactorycoinUTC+0BioFactoryCoin BFC the first factory in the world producing healthy milk production with availability for cryptocurrency paymentsBuy
40 Taklimakan NetworkUTC+0The Blockchain Investment PlatformBuy
41 Forty Seven BankUTC+0Forty Seven Bank is financial technology startup aimed at building a bridge between cryptocurrency world and the world of traditional monetary financeBuy
42 Loan Or LeaseUTC--8Decentralized Lending Network of MasternodesBuy
43 RenteumUTC+1Renteum is going to be the first of its kind to tie its token to realestate in Scandinavia and EnglandBuy
44 ConnectjobUTC+0ConnectJob is a disruptive platform which aims to be the Uber of service bringing together a wide range of services to individuals in an allinone application and based on Blockchain technologyBuy
45 BeefcoinUTC+0Integrated production of organic beef from farm to tableBuy
46 BitrentUTC+0First decentralized Blockchain construction platformBuy
47 CrowdholdingUTC+2A Decentralized Open Innovation platform that connects entrepreneurs and supportersBuy
48 Valorem FoundationUTC+0Valorem Foundation is building a niche ecommerce platform for 99 of the marketBuy
49 BooleancoinUTC+0Booleancoin Powers Boolean A News Accuracy Platform Aiming To Combat Fake News In The MediaBuy
50 VisoUTC+0VISO is a payment system that combines cryptocurrencies and traditional bank cards and terminals into one ecosystemBuy
51 BmarktUTC+0Futureoriented platorm for exchanging real objects for cryptocurrencyBuy
52 PocketinnsUTC--3The worlds first decentralized blockchain driven marketplace ecosystemBuy
53 RxealUTC+0The latest way to profit from Real EstateBuy
54 RedmegawattUTC+2Major EU energy company launches energy trading ecosystem and the first power retail franchiseBuy
55 SkrapsUTC+0Invest your spare change into diversified portfolios of cryptocurrencies and crypto assetsBuy
56 LiveeduUTC+0LiveEdu is Youtube for Online Education the nextgeneration LyndacomBuy
57 ScorumUTC+0Scorum is the first sports social media powered by blockchainBuy
58 GatcoinUTC+0GATCOIN transforms traditional discount coupons loyalty points and shopping vouchers into liquid tradable digital tokensBuy
59 DaricoUTC+0Darico is an assetbacked cryptocurrency thats been designed specifically to provide a safer more accessible gateway to cryptocurrency investment than is currently availableBuy
60 EosUTC+0A powerful infrastructure for decentralized appsBuy
61 DadiUTC+0A new era of cloud computing services powered by blockchain technologyBuy
62 StreamityUTC--8The key element of STREAMITY is StreamDesk decentralized application for exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat money without intermediaries on the basis of smart contractsBuy
63 NapoleonxUTC+1The first 100 algorithmic crypto asset managerBuy
64 Crypto Trust NetworkUTC+0Protecting you from cryptocurrency fraudBuy
65 EgoldUTC+0The ultimate eSports betting cryptocurrencyBuy
66 Stockchain GlobalUTC+0Stockchain Global brings a global blockchainbased platform to the 200 trillion market for issuance trading and management of financial instruments including bonds debt equity and other debtlike and equitylike offeringsBuy
67 BlocklancerUTC+0Blocklancer is a Decentralized Autonomous Job Market DAJ on the Ethereum platformBuy
68 AidcoinUTC+0AidCoin is the token for charitable giving built on Ethereum BlockchainBuy
69 Bitto ExchangeUTC+0Bitcoin Exchange with 6 in 1 consisting of LendingStakingSignalReferralBorrowingTradingBuy
70 DogezerUTC+0DoSoftwareTogether Dogezer is a software development platform that allows team members to become product investors by investing their time and laborBuy
71 CorusblockUTC+0Corusblock is the next generation of cryptocurrency Lending staking mining in best performance This is CorusblockBuy
72 MiraUTC+0Mira is a software suite for buying storing and sending cryptocurrencies in an easy and convenient wayBuy
73 VlbUTC+0The number one blockchain fuel for the transport industryBuy
74 RefereumUTC+0Refereum cuts out the marketing middleman by directly rewarding influencers and gamers to promote and play video gamesBuy
75 RaisonUTC+0AI Platform for investment and personal financeBuy
76 CreditsUTC+0CREDITS Cryptocurrency and Blockchain platform for the financial industry with more than 1 mln txsec and 001 sec for a transactionBuy
77 Galaxy EsolutionsUTC+0A global distribution and ecommerce marketplace for refurbished consumer electronicsBuy
78 Play2LiveUTC+0The first decentralized streaming platform for gamers and eSports fansBuy
79 RemechainUTC+0A Global Market place for the safe and secure trading of secondary metalsBuy
80 Mark.SpaceUTC+0Social Ecommerce VRspace With CryptoEconomy powered by BlockchainBuy
81 BitnationUTC+0Pangea Arbitration Token PAT powers the Pangea JurisdictionBuy
82 NkorUTC+0Solving copyright issues foreverBuy
83 Viola.AiUTC+0ViolaAI is the Worlds First AIdriven Marketplace for Dating and Relationships with real business backing of 13 yearsBuy
84 CappasityUTC+0Decentralized ARVR ecosystem for 3D content exchangeBuy
85 TranscodiumUTC+0Transcodium aims to provide the first peertopeer blockchain based and decentralized media transcoding editing and distribution platform with high quality and reliable computational power at a very affordable priceBuy
86 Signals NetworkUTC+0Data science marketplace to help you discover create and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies driven by machine learning crowd wisdom and decentralized supercomputing powerBuy
87 RequitixUTC+0Trusted Token and Confidence SystemBuy
88 Fabric TokenUTC+0Draganddrop smart contractsBuy
89 Colu Local NetworkUTC+2A decentralized payment system powered by everyday consumptionBuy
90 Myoddz.BetUTC+0Ethereum Blockchain Betting Gambling with Profit ShareBuy
91 BioritmaiUTC+3A PERSONALIZED MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE A modern system of biorhythm monitoring with the most sophisticated tools for analysis and realtime diagnosticsBuy