Versabank’s Digital Asset Storage Solution; The Versavault

A Canadian-based financial institution, Versabank, made it public that it is in the process of developing a vault that will...

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Mogo Blockchain by Mogo Finance Technologies Inc.

According to Mogo Finance Technology, cryptocurrencies will be the future of financial transactions. With this in mind, Mogo Finance plans...

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Coincheck Hack Results to The Loss Of $534 Million NEM

For many of Japan’s residents, cryptocurrency heists seemed more like something from the past. Over the years, cryptocurrency heists have...

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Lost XEM Reimbursment At $0.81 Per Token by Coincheck

Coincheck, which is a victim of a recent a cyber-attack, plans to reimburse its clients who lost their cryptos from...

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What is the Best Cryptocurrency Wallet ?

If you’re mining or buying cryptocurrency, you need a wallet for storage. Think of your wallet as a bank account...

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