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Chainbing (CBG) price today is $0.0000000 USD. Trading volume was 0.00 CBG in the last 24 hours. Current market cap of Chainbing is $0 USD. Chainbing has a circulating supply of 0 CBG coins out of a maximum supply of 0 CBG coins.

Chainbing (CBG) Project Review

What is Chainbing (CBG)?

Chainbing (CBG) is a vibrant and innovative cryptocurrency project that was launched on August 30, 2021. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency that is powered by blockchain technology. The project seeks to provide a new way for individuals and businesses to conduct transactions in a secure, fast, and efficient manner.

The team behind Chainbing is a diverse group of professionals with extensive experience in the fields of blockchain technology, finance, and information technology. They are dedicated to the mission of developing a reliable and user-friendly digital currency that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world.

The Team

The Chainbing team prides itself on its expertise and commitment to the project. They bring together a variety of skills and backgrounds, with team members having experience in everything from software development to financial management. This wealth of experience is key to the success of the Chainbing project.

Launch Date

Chainbing was officially launched on August 30, 2021. Since its launch, the project has seen rapid growth and expansion. This is testament to the hard work and dedication of the team, as well as the strong support from the Chainbing community.

Chainbing (CBG) Use Cases

One of the main goals of Chainbing is to create a digital currency that has practical, real-world use cases. The project aims to provide a viable alternative to traditional financial systems, offering users a range of benefits that are not possible with conventional currencies.

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Chainbing facilitates peer-to-peer transactions, allowing users to send and receive payments directly, without the need for a third-party intermediary. This makes transactions faster, cheaper, and more efficient, as there are no middlemen to slow down the process or charge unnecessary fees.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Chainbing is also positioned to play a significant role in the burgeoning field of decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi refers to the use of blockchain technologies to recreate and improve upon traditional financial systems. Examples of DeFi applications include lending platforms, decentralized exchanges, and prediction markets.


Chainbing can also be used for e-commerce transactions. With its fast transaction times and low fees, it provides a viable alternative to traditional payment methods. Several online retailers and service providers have already started accepting Chainbing as a form of payment, and the number is expected to grow as the project continues to develop.

In conclusion, Chainbing (CBG) is a promising cryptocurrency project with a strong team, a clear mission, and a growing number of use cases. Its focus on peer-to-peer transactions, decentralized finance, and e-commerce make it an attractive option for those looking for a reliable and user-friendly digital currency. As the project continues to develop and expand, it will be interesting to see how it evolves and what new opportunities it presents.

How to Buy Chainbing (CBG)?

Buying Chainbing (CBG) can be a simple process if you follow the right steps. In this article, we will guide you through buying Chainbing (CBG) on the CoinTiger exchange.

Create an Account on CoinTiger

First things first, you need to create an account on an exchange that supports Chainbing (CBG). In this guide, we will be using CoinTiger. Visit the CoinTiger website and click on 'Sign Up' to create your account. You will need to provide a valid email address and create a secure password.

Verify Your Account

Once you've created your account, CoinTiger will send you a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to verify your account. Some exchanges, including CoinTiger, require additional verification to comply with regulations. This may involve providing identification documents and a selfie.

Secure Your Account

After verification, it's crucial to secure your account. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. This typically involves linking your account to your mobile device and entering a unique code each time you log in.

Deposit Fiat Or Cryptocurrency

Now that your account is secure, it's time to deposit funds. CoinTiger allows deposits in both fiat and cryptocurrency. To deposit, navigate to your wallet on the exchange and select the 'Deposit' option. If you're depositing fiat, you'll need to follow the instructions provided by CoinTiger. If you're depositing cryptocurrency, you'll need to send it from your existing wallet to the deposit address provided by CoinTiger.

Buy Chainbing (CBG)

With funds in your account, you're ready to buy Chainbing (CBG). Head to the trading section of CoinTiger, select the Chainbing (CBG) trading pair, and enter the amount you wish to buy. Review your transaction details carefully before clicking 'Buy'.

Store Your CBG in a Secure Wallet

After purchasing Chainbing (CBG), it's recommended to transfer your coins to a secure wallet. Storing your coins on an exchange exposes them to risk if the exchange is hacked. To transfer your CBG to a wallet, go to your CoinTiger wallet, select 'Withdraw', and enter your secure wallet's address.

Best Wallets for Chainbing (CBG)

Storing your Chainbing (CBG) in a secure wallet is crucial to safeguard your investment. Here are a couple of recommended wallets for storing CBG:

  1. MyEtherWallet (MEW): MEW is a free, open-source, client-side interface that allows you to interact directly with the blockchain while remaining in full control of your keys and your funds.

  2. MetaMask: MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications.

  3. Trust Wallet: Trust Wallet is an easy-to-use, multi-cryptocurrency wallet that can connect with and trade over decentralised exchanges (DEX Wallet support).

  4. Ledger Nano S: The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including CBG. This type of wallet offers the most security, but it comes at a cost.

Remember, the safety of your assets should always be your top priority. For a more detailed guide on how to buy CBG, visit this link.

Chainbing (CBG) Tokenomics

Chainbing, abbreviated as CBG, is a cryptocurrency that has been making waves in the digital currency world. The tokenomics of this cryptocurrency is one of its most distinguishing features, setting it apart from other digital currencies in the market.

CBG operates on a definitive supply model with its maximum supply capped at 10,000,000,000 CBG. This limit is set to mitigate the potential risks of inflation that can devalue the currency over time. By having a cap on the maximum supply, Chainbing ensures that the value of the tokens remains stable and sustainable in the long run.

The total supply of Chainbing also stands at 10,000,000,000 CBG, reflecting the maximum number of CBG that will ever exist. The total supply encompasses all existing coins, including those in circulation and those yet to be released.

As for the circulating supply, it currently stands at 33,000,000 CBG. The circulating supply represents the number of coins that are currently available and being traded in the market. This figure is critical as it directly impacts the price and market capitalization of the cryptocurrency.

Notably, the outstanding supply of Chainbing is at 100%. This refers to the percentage of the total supply that is yet to be issued or distributed. This factor is particularly significant as it can potentially impact the future price of CBG. The high outstanding supply indicates that there are still a vast number of coins that are yet to enter the market.

How to Find More Chainbing (CBG) News

Keeping up with the latest news and updates about Chainbing (CBG) is crucial for both potential investors and current holders. Several platforms provide such information, and the following sections will guide you to these resources.

Chainbing Website

The Chainbing website is the primary source of information for all things related to CBG. It provides a comprehensive overview of the cryptocurrency, including its function, benefits, and its underlying technology. The website also offers real-time data on CBG’s price, market cap, and trading volume.

Chainbing Whitepaper

For a more in-depth understanding of Chainbing’s underlying technology, economic model, and future plans, the Chainbing Whitepaper is a must-read. It provides detailed insights into the workings of CBG, making it a valuable resource for potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

Chainbing Twitter

Chainbing's official Twitter account is a great place to get the latest news and announcements about CBG. Following this account will keep you updated on any new developments, partnerships, or updates on the platform's services. It is also a great place to engage with the Chainbing community and participate in discussions about the future of the cryptocurrency.

In conclusion, Chainbing is a promising cryptocurrency with a solid economic model, as reflected in its tokenomics. The capped maximum and total supply, along with the high outstanding supply, make it a potentially lucrative investment. To stay updated on Chainbing, follow the resources mentioned above and immerse yourself in the world of CBG.

Chainbing Markets

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1 Indonesia 50 Currencies including CBG Varies More info

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