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Bounce Token (AUCTION) price today is $0.0000000 USD. Trading volume was 0.00 AUCTION in the last 24 hours. Current market cap of Bounce Token is $0 USD. Bounce Token has a circulating supply of 0 AUCTION coins out of a maximum supply of 0 AUCTION coins.

What is Bounce Token?


The decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has witnessed a plethora of innovations, each aiming to disrupt traditional financial systems. The Bounce Token stands out among these innovations, offering a unique approach to decentralized auctions and token sales.

Launched on February 26, 2021, Bounce Token is a decentralized platform designed to facilitate auctions, token sales, and other exchange mechanisms in a decentralized setting. By eliminating intermediaries, Bounce Token provides a more transparent, secure, and efficient environment for both project creators and investors. While the specific individuals or developers behind the project might remain somewhat elusive, it’s evident that the minds behind Bounce Token have a strong grasp of both blockchain technology and the finance sector.

What Problem Does Bounce Token Solve/What Are Its Use Cases?

Bounce Token is not just another token in the crypto space; it addresses several challenges and presents ample opportunities:

  1. Decentralized Auctions: Facilitates decentralized and transparent auctions, ensuring fair pricing and reducing risks associated with centralized platforms.
  2. Token Sales: Provides a platform for new projects to conduct token sales in a decentralized manner, ensuring transparency and security.
  3. Swaps: Enables users to swap tokens in a secure and decentralized environment.
  4. Governance: Bounce Token holders can participate in the platform’s governance, influencing its future direction and decisions.

How Can I Buy Bounce Tokens?

To acquire Bounce Tokens:

  1. Register or log in to Binance.
  2. Navigate to the trading section and locate Bounce Token.
  3. Choose your preferred trading pair.
  4. Input the amount you wish to purchase and finalize your transaction.

For a comprehensive guide on purchasing Bounce Tokens, please visit How to Buy Bounce Token.

What are the Tokenomics?

Bounce Token’s tokenomics is structured as follows:

  • Total Supply: 7,640,627
  • Circulating Supply: 6,500,020
  • Max Supply: 10,000,000

What Was the Initial Token Distribution of Bounce Token?

To Be Updated

What Are the Best Wallets for Bounce Token?

To securely store your Bounce Tokens, consider the following wallets:

  1. MetaMask
  2. Trust Wallet
  3. Ledger
  4. Trezor

How Can I Find More Bounce Token News?

Stay updated with the latest news and developments from Bounce Token through:


Bounce Token isn’t just another cryptocurrency in the vast world of DeFi. It represents a significant leap in how auctions, token sales, and exchanges can be decentralized and transparently. Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or an investor, Bounce Token presents a unique amalgamation of opportunities worth exploring.

Bounce Token Markets

Rank Exchange Country Coin Types Fees Trade
1 US 241 Currencies including AUCTION 1,49% > 3,99% More info
2 Cayman Islands 366 Currencies including AUCTION 0,10% More info
3 China 599 Currencies including AUCTION 0,08% > 0,20% More info
4 UK 433 Currencies including AUCTION 0,01% > 0,1% More info

Bounce Token Price Chart

How to buy Bounce Token

Bounce Token is a top cryptocurrency and is available on virtually all cryptocurrency exchanges. The best places to buy Bounce Token for low fees and best prices are


Where to buy Bounce Token

You can buy Bounce Token with GBP in the UK using, Coinbase, and Luno. In France and the rest of the EU, you can also buy Bounce Token with EURO on these same exchanges. In places where buying Crypto is difficult e.g. Nigeria, you can buy bitcoin with the local currency (naira) by using Binance P2P and swapping with Bounce Token

You can find other places to buy Bounce Token on our long list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bounce Token Wallets

The best wallets for Bounce Token are Ledger, Trezor, Math Wallet, and Trust Wallet

Find more Bounce Token news by visiting the Bounce Token Website and the Bounce Token Twitter