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TrueFi (TRU) price today is $0.0000000 USD. Trading volume was 0.00 TRU in the last 24 hours. Current market cap of TrueFi is $0 USD. TrueFi has a circulating supply of 0 TRU coins out of a maximum supply of 0 TRU coins.

An In-Depth Look at TrueFi (TRU)

What is TrueFi (TRU)?

TrueFi (TRU) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that aims to provide uncollateralized lending services in the cryptocurrency space. It is the product of TrustToken, the same team behind the creation of popular stablecoins such as TrueUSD (TUSD), TrueGBP (TGBP), and others. The protocol was officially launched on November 19, 2020.

TrustToken, the team behind TrueFi, is comprised of veteran software engineers and financial experts. The team is led by its co-founders, Rafael Cosman and Stephen Kade, who have extensive experience in the blockchain industry. Prior to founding TrustToken, Cosman worked at Google as a software engineer, while Kade has a background in product management and operations.

TrueFi operates on the Ethereum blockchain and makes use of its native token, TRU, for governance and stake-based incentives. The protocol utilizes an on-chain credit model to assess the creditworthiness of borrowers, thereby eliminating the need for over-collateralization that is common in other DeFi lending platforms.

TrueFi (TRU) Use Cases

Lending and Borrowing

The primary use case of TrueFi is to allow cryptocurrency holders to lend out their assets and earn interest without requiring collateral from borrowers. This is a significant shift from the collateralized lending model that has become the norm in the DeFi space.

Through the use of a unique credit prediction market, TrueFi is able to assess the likelihood of loan repayment. This model takes into account several factors including the borrower's on-chain transaction history, the size and length of the loan, and the borrower's reputation within the TrueFi ecosystem.


TRU token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the TrueFi protocol. They can vote on various aspects of the protocol, including changes to the protocol's rules, the addition of new features, and even the approval or rejection of loan requests. This ensures that the platform remains decentralized and is controlled by its users rather than a central authority.


TrueFi also offers a staking program for TRU holders. By staking their tokens, users can earn additional TRU tokens as rewards. This not only provides an additional income stream for token holders, but also incentivizes them to participate in the governance of the platform and help ensure its stability and security.

Risk Management

Through its unique credit prediction model, TrueFi provides a novel approach to risk management in the DeFi space. By assessing the creditworthiness of borrowers, the platform is able to reduce the risk of default and ensure a higher rate of loan repayment. This is particularly important in an uncollateralized lending model, where there is no collateral to fall back on in the event of a default.

In conclusion, TrueFi is an innovative DeFi protocol that offers uncollateralized lending, thereby providing a more accessible and inclusive platform for cryptocurrency lending. Through its unique use of a credit prediction market, it is able to manage risk effectively and ensure a high rate of loan repayment. With the ability to participate in governance and earn rewards through staking, TRU token holders have a significant role in the operation and success of the platform.

How Can I Buy TrueFi (TRU)?

TrueFi (TRU) is a popular cryptocurrency that has garnered much attention in the crypto community. The process of purchasing TrueFi (TRU) involves a few simple steps that anyone with an internet connection can follow. Let's break down these steps for you.

Create an Account on Binance

The first step towards buying TrueFi (TRU) is to create an account on a recognized cryptocurrency exchange. Binance is one of the most popular and trusted platforms for this purpose. Go to the Binance website, click on 'Register', and then fill in your details to create an account.

Verify Your Account

Once you have created your account, Binance will require you to verify your identity. This is a standard procedure, known as Know Your Customer (KYC), which is designed to prevent fraudulent activities. The verification process may involve uploading a copy of your ID and completing a facial recognition check.

Secure Your Account

Next, it's crucial to secure your account. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) in the security settings of your account. This adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that only you can access your account, even if someone else gets hold of your password.

Deposit Fiat or Cryptocurrency

Now that your account is set up and secure, you're ready to deposit funds. Binance allows deposits in both fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies. If you are using fiat, make sure to check if your currency is supported. If not, you can deposit a supported cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum instead.

Buy TrueFi (TRU)

With funds in your Binance account, navigate to the markets section and search for the TRU trading pair that matches your deposited currency (e.g., TRU/USD, TRU/BTC). Click on the pair, enter the amount of TRU you wish to buy, and then confirm your purchase.

Store Your TRU in a Secure Wallet

After buying TRU, it's essential to move your coins to a secure wallet. While exchanges are convenient for buying and selling, they are not the safest place to store your cryptocurrency. Choose a wallet that supports TRU and transfer your coins from Binance to the wallet.

What are the Best Wallets for TRU?

Choosing a wallet for your TRU is an important decision. There are several great options available, each with their own benefits.

  1. Trust Wallet: This mobile wallet is user-friendly and supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including TRU.

  2. Ledger Nano S: If you prefer a hardware wallet, the Ledger Nano S is a secure option that supports TRU.

  3. MetaMask: Known for its accessibility and security, MetaMask is a browser extension wallet that supports TRU.

Remember to always keep your wallet's seed phrase secure and private. Losing this information can result in the loss of your cryptocurrency.

For a more detailed guide on how to buy TRU, please visit this link. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a beginner in the crypto world, buying and storing TrueFi (TRU) is a simple process once you know the steps.

TrueFi (TRU) Tokenomics

TrueFi (TRU) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token in the cryptocurrency market. It's a unique platform that offers unsecured lending, allowing users to loan and borrow without collateral. The token's tokenomics, a term that refers to the economic structure of a cryptocurrency, is crucial to understand its value, potential growth, and stability.

Circulating Supply

The circulating supply of TrueFi is currently at 1,067,178,474 TRU. This is the amount of TRU that is currently in circulation and being traded in the market. It represents the portion of the total supply that’s in active use, which can influence the price of the token. A lower circulating supply can often mean a higher price if the demand is strong.

Max Supply

The maximum supply of TrueFi is set at 1,450,000,000 TRU. This is the total amount of TRU that will ever exist. This limit is important because it creates scarcity, which can drive up the token's price over time, assuming demand remains consistent or increases. It also prevents the overproduction of tokens, which can lead to inflation and devaluation.

Total Supply

The total supply of TrueFi is currently 1,198,450,773 TRU. This figure encompasses all the tokens that have been mined or issued to date, whether they are currently in circulation or not. It includes tokens held by the project team, tokens locked in smart contracts, and tokens that are held by the public.

Outstanding Supply

The outstanding supply of TRU, which refers to the supply not yet issued, is 26%. This means that of the max supply, 26% of the tokens are yet to be released into the market. The release of these tokens can be based on various factors, such as the success of the project, milestone achievements, or a pre-set schedule by the developers.

Understanding these elements of TrueFi's tokenomics can help investors gauge the potential risk and reward of investing in TRU.

How Can I Find More TrueFi (TRU) News?

Keeping up with the latest news and updates about TrueFi (TRU) is essential for both potential investors and current token holders. Here are some resources where you can find reliable and up-to-date information about TRU.

TrueFi Website

The TrueFi website is a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about this token. The site provides a comprehensive overview of the platform, its features, and its mission. It also includes a detailed FAQ section and a blog with the latest news and updates about the platform.

TrueFi Twitter

TrueFi's Twitter account is another excellent source of information. The team frequently posts updates about the platform, including new partnerships, updates to the protocol, and other news. Following their Twitter account can help you stay informed about the latest developments in real-time.

TrueFi Reddit

The TrueFi subreddit is a community-driven platform where users can discuss the latest news, share their thoughts, and ask questions about TrueFi. It's an excellent place to engage with other TrueFi users and the team behind the platform. Reddit often hosts AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions with the team, which can provide valuable insights into the platform's future plans.

By regularly checking these resources, you can stay up-to-date on TrueFi's progress, making it easier to make informed investment decisions.

TrueFi Markets

Rank Exchange Country Coin Types Fees Trade
1 Hong Kong 287 Currencies including TRU 0.04% - 0.4% More info
2 US 241 Currencies including TRU 1,49% > 3,99% More info
3 Cayman Islands 366 Currencies including TRU 0,10% More info
4 Singapore 531 Currencies including TRU Varies More info

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