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Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) price today is $0.0000000 USD. Trading volume was 0.00 HBAR in the last 24 hours. Current market cap of Hedera Hashgraph is $0 USD. Hedera Hashgraph has a circulating supply of 0 HBAR coins out of a maximum supply of 0 HBAR coins.

An In-Depth Look at Hedera (HBAR)

What is Hedera (HBAR) and how does it work?


Hedera, also known as HBAR, is a decentralized public network where developers can build secure, fair applications with near real-time finality. The platform is owned and governed by a council of global innovators including Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, Google, IBM, and others. Hedera is designed to be a fairer, more efficient system that eliminates some of the limitations that older blockchain-based platforms face such as slow performance and instability.

Technical Aspects

At the core of Hedera's functionality is the hashgraph consensus, a novel form of distributed ledger technology. Unlike traditional blockchains that add transactions in sequential blocks, the hashgraph system allows for multiple blocks to be added at once, increasing the speed and efficiency of transactions.

Hedera's cryptocurrency, HBAR, is used to power decentralized applications, build peer-to-peer payment and micropayment business models, and protect the network from malicious actors. HBAR is used for network services like transaction fees, smart contracts, and storage.


Hedera was founded by Dr. Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon in 2018. Dr. Baird is the inventor of the hashgraph algorithm, holding a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Mance Harmon is an experienced technology executive and seasoned entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple successful companies.

The Hedera Governing Council, which is responsible for guiding the codebase, consists of up to 39 term-limited and highly diversified organizations. The council's members include some of the world's most notable companies such as Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, Google, and IBM.

Hedera's Launch and Development

After its inception in 2018, Hedera officially launched its mainnet on September 17, 2019. The launch marked the start of Hedera's Open Access (OA), allowing anyone from the general public to create an account and build decentralized applications on the Hedera Hashgraph platform.

Growth and Adoption

Since its launch, Hedera has seen significant growth and adoption. Several industries, from gaming to supply chain, have recognized the potential of Hedera's fast, secure, and fair decentralized public network. The network now hosts a variety of applications, including AdStax, a decentralized ad network, and Tune.fm, a music streaming service that compensates artists directly using HBAR.

Investments and Partnerships

Hedera has attracted investments from some high-profile entities. In 2018, Hedera raised $124 million in funding over three rounds from institutional and individual investors. The funds were used to develop its technology and expand its community.

Hedera's partnerships extend beyond its governing council. It has partnered with companies like Chainlink to improve the functionality of its services and Armanino to provide real-time auditability of its treasury.

Despite being a relatively new player in the blockchain space, Hedera's innovative technology, strong governance, and increasing adoption make it a noteworthy project in the blockchain industry.

How Does Hedera (HBAR) Make Money?

Hedera Hashgraph, the company behind the HBAR cryptocurrency, employs a number of strategies to generate revenue. Here are some of the key methods.

Transaction Fees

A significant portion of Hedera's revenue comes from transaction fees. Every time a user performs a transaction on the Hedera network, they pay a small fee in HBAR. This fee compensates the network for the computational and storage resources used to process and record the transaction. As the number of transactions on the network grows, so too does Hedera's revenue from transaction fees.

Node Services

Another way Hedera makes money is by offering node services. Nodes are the computers that run the Hedera software and maintain the network's ledger. Companies, organizations, or individuals who wish to operate a node on the Hedera network pay a fee for this service. This fee is another source of revenue for the company.

Hedera API Access

Hedera also has a business model where it charges for API access. Companies that want to develop applications on the Hedera platform need to use the company's APIs. By charging for access to these APIs, Hedera can generate additional revenue.

How Can I Make Money with Hedera?

Investing in Hedera (HBAR) can be a profitable venture, provided you understand the risks and have a good grasp of the cryptocurrency market. Here are some ways you could potentially earn money with Hedera.

Buy and Hold

One of the most straightforward ways to make money with Hedera is to simply buy HBAR and hold onto it, hoping that it will increase in value over time. This strategy, known as "hodling" in the crypto community, is based on the belief that Hedera's technology and business model will lead to long-term growth in the value of HBAR.

However, it's important to note that this strategy carries risk. The value of HBAR, like all cryptocurrencies, is highly volatile and can go down as well as up. Therefore, you should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

Active Trading

If you're more ambitious, you might consider active trading. This involves buying and selling HBAR on a regular basis, attempting to profit from short-term fluctuations in its price. This strategy requires a good understanding of the cryptocurrency market and the ability to make quick decisions in response to changing market conditions.

Keep in mind, this approach is risky and not recommended for beginners. It also requires considerable time and attention, as you'll need to monitor the market closely and be ready to react quickly to changes in price.


Staking is another way to earn money with Hedera. This involves holding HBAR in a digital wallet and then using those tokens to help secure the network. In return for this service, you'll receive a portion of the transaction fees paid by users of the network.

However, staking isn't currently available to all HBAR holders. As of now, only the governing council members of Hedera Hashgraph are allowed to run nodes and earn staking rewards. But Hedera has announced plans to open up staking to the general public in the future, which could present a new opportunity for HBAR holders to earn money.

How Can I Buy Hedera (HBAR)?

Buying Hedera, also known as HBAR, is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in a few steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy HBAR on Binance.

Create an Account on Binance

The first step to buying HBAR is to create an account on Binance. Binance is a secure and reputable cryptocurrency exchange that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies including HBAR. To create an account, simply provide your email and create a password.

Verify Your Account

After creating your account, you'll need to verify your identity. This step is necessary to ensure the security of your funds and compliance with financial regulations. This process usually involves providing some personal information and identification documents. It may take a few hours or even a day for the verification process to be completed, so be patient.

Secure Your Account

Next, secure your account by setting up two-factor authentication (2FA). This adds an extra layer of security to your account, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access. You can set up 2FA through an app like Google Authenticator or Authy.

Deposit Fiat or Cryptocurrency

Now, you're ready to deposit funds into your Binance account. Binance allows you to deposit either fiat currency (like USD or EUR) or cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin or Ethereum). Choose the method that's most convenient for you. Once you've made your deposit, it may take a few minutes to several hours for your funds to appear in your account.

Buy Hedera (HBAR)

To buy HBAR, navigate to the market section on Binance, search for HBAR, and select the trading pair that matches your deposited currency (e.g., HBAR/USD or HBAR/BTC). Enter the amount of HBAR you want to buy and click on the 'Buy' button. Once the transaction is confirmed, the HBAR will be added to your Binance account.

Store Your HBAR in a Secure Wallet

Finally, it's recommended that you transfer your HBAR from the exchange to a secure wallet. This is because exchanges can be vulnerable to hacks, and if that happens, you could lose your funds. When you have a secure wallet, you control your private keys, which increases the security of your funds.

For more detailed steps on how to buy HBAR, visit Datacoinz.

What are the Best Wallets for HBAR?

Once you've purchased HBAR, storing it in a secure wallet is crucial to ensure the safety of your investment. Here are some of the best wallets for storing HBAR:

  1. Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X: These hardware wallets are among the safest places to store your HBAR. They keep your private keys offline and secure from potential online threats.

  2. Atomic Wallet: This is a desktop wallet that supports HBAR along with over 300 other cryptocurrencies. It's user-friendly and has built-in features for buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

  3. MyHbarWallet: This is a web wallet specifically designed for HBAR. It's simple to use and allows you to easily manage your HBAR assets.

  4. Guarda Wallet: This is another multi-currency wallet that supports HBAR. It's available on various platforms including desktop, mobile, and web.

Remember, the security of your investment is as important as the investment itself. Always take necessary measures to protect your assets.

How Can I Find More Hedera (HBAR) News?

In the constantly evolving world of cryptocurrency, staying updated with the latest news and developments is paramount. One such cryptocurrency making waves in the industry is Hedera (HBAR). For the latest updates and news about Hedera, you can visit a variety of online platforms including their official website, Twitter page, or join discussions on Reddit.

Hedera Website

Hedera's official website is the primary source of information about the cryptocurrency. The site provides a wealth of information about the technology, its applications, and the latest developments within the organization. It's a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in understanding the ins and outs of Hedera.

Hedera Whitepaper

To get a more in-depth understanding of Hedera's technology and its potential implications, the Hedera whitepaper is an excellent resource. It provides a detailed explanation of the technology behind Hedera, its unique features, and its potential applications.

Hedera Twitter

For real-time updates and interaction with the Hedera community, their official Twitter page is a great resource. The page regularly posts updates about the latest developments, partnerships, and events related to Hedera.

Hedera Reddit

The Hedera Reddit community is a bustling forum where users discuss the latest news, share insights, and engage in spirited debates about Hedera. It's a great place to get a sense of the community's sentiment about recent developments and future prospects.

Coins Similar To Hedera (HBAR)

While Hedera has captured the interest of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, there are other similar coins in the market that you might want to explore. Below are a few notable ones.

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NEAR Protocol is a decentralized application platform designed to make apps usable on the web. The network runs on a unique, sharded Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism which offers scalability and usability. To learn more about NEAR Protocol, feel free to visit the link.


VeChain is a blockchain platform designed for enhancing supply chain management processes. By utilizing tamper-proof and distributed ledger technology, VeChain provides retailers and consumers with the ability to determine the authenticity and quality of products bought. For more information about VeChain, check out the link.

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without the possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference. Ethereum Classic is a continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain - the classic version preserving untampered history. More details about Ethereum Classic can be found in the provided link.


Algorand is a scalable, secure, and decentralized digital currency and transactions platform. It features a unique consensus algorithm that separates the process of establishing consensus from the storage of transactions to provide faster transaction times. For a deeper dive into Algorand, click on the link.

Hedera Hashgraph Markets

Rank Exchange Country Coin Types Fees Trade
1 Hong Kong 287 Currencies including HBAR 0.04% - 0.4% More info
2 US 241 Currencies including HBAR 1,49% > 3,99% More info
3 Cayman Islands 366 Currencies including HBAR 0,10% More info
4 Cayman Islands 723 Currencies including HBAR 0.04% - 0.4% More info

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