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TNC Coin (TNC) price today is $0.0000000 USD. Trading volume was 0.00 TNC in the last 24 hours. Current market cap of TNC Coin is $0 USD. TNC Coin has a circulating supply of 0 TNC coins out of a maximum supply of 0 TNC coins.

An In-Depth Look at TNC Coin (TNC)

What is TNC Coin (TNC) and how does it work?


TNC Coin (TNC) is a digital asset that serves as the official digital currency of the TNC ecosystem, launched on May 3rd, 2020. Positioned as a blockchain entity geared towards fostering the growth and development of the blockchain industry, TNC aims to promote the integration of blockchain technology into diverse industries and create a blockchain-driven environment that benefits all stakeholders. TNC Coin is the fuel that powers this ecosystem and is used for transactions within the TNC network.

Technical Aspects

TNC Coin is based on the Ethereum platform, one of the most secure and efficient blockchain networks today. It is an ERC20 token, which means it follows a set of rules and standards on the Ethereum blockchain. This enables it to interact seamlessly with other tokens and decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum network.

The maximum supply of TNC Coins is set at 1 trillion, a significant amount which shows the project's ambition to cater to a vast network of users. The token is used in various ways within the TNC ecosystem, including as a payment method for services and a reward for participation in certain activities, such as community development and marketing efforts.


The TNC team is composed of a diverse group of professionals with extensive experience in the fields of blockchain technology, business development, and marketing. The project is spearheaded by its CEO, Jason Jang, a seasoned entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast with a background in financial services and technology. His vision is backed by a team of strategic thinkers, developers, and marketers who share the same goal of advancing the blockchain industry.

The advisory board of TNC comprises industry veterans who provide their expertise and insights to guide the project's direction. The group includes Bruce Jeong, an investor and blockchain expert; Michael Saylor, the founder and CEO of MicroStrategy and a well-known Bitcoin advocate; and Roger Ver, a prominent Bitcoin investor and the CEO of

TNC also boasts of partnerships with various entities within the blockchain space. These partnerships aim to foster collaboration and synergy, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the TNC ecosystem.

In terms of investors, TNC has attracted the attention of several prominent figures and organizations within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. While the details of the investments remain undisclosed, it is clear that TNC is backed by individuals and entities who see its potential to bring about significant developments in the blockchain industry.

In conclusion, TNC Coin is more than just a cryptocurrency; it is a testament to the ambition and vision of its team to create an ecosystem that fosters the growth and development of the blockchain industry. With its robust technical aspects, the expertise and experience of its team, and the support of its partners and investors, TNC is set to make a significant impact on the blockchain industry.

How Does TNC Coin (TNC) Make Money?

TNC Coin (TNC) is a digital asset that is part of the broader cryptocurrency market. It operates on a business model that is different from traditional currencies. It has developed various ways of generating revenue, which are explained below:

Token Sales

The most straightforward way TNC makes money is through the initial sale of its tokens. When TNC Coin was launched, the creators held an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), where they sold tokens to early investors. This ICO, similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for a traditional company, provided the necessary funds to start and develop the project.

Transaction Fees

Another way TNC Coin generates income is through transaction fees. Every time a user sends TNC from one wallet to another, a small transaction fee is deducted. These fees are used to reward the network participants who validate the transactions (also known as miners), and to maintain the overall health and security of the blockchain network.

Staking Rewards

TNC Coin also provides a financial incentive for its holders to keep their coins in their wallets and not sell them. This practice, known as staking, rewards users with additional TNC Coins over time. Staking encourages long-term holding, which can help stabilize the coin's price and create a more robust network.

How Can I Make Money with TNC Coin?

Now that we understand how TNC Coin generates its income, let's explore some strategies for making money with this cryptocurrency.

Buy and Hold Strategy

One of the simplest ways of making money with TNC Coin is by following a buy and hold strategy. This involves purchasing TNC Coin at a low price and holding onto it until its value rises. Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, this strategy can result in significant returns for patient investors who are willing to wait for the right moment to sell.


As mentioned earlier, TNC Coin rewards its holders for staking their coins. By simply keeping your TNC Coins in a supported wallet, you'll earn additional coins over time. This can be a good strategy for investors who believe in the long-term value of TNC Coin and want to increase their holdings without buying more coins.


If you have experience in trading cryptocurrencies, you can make money by buying and selling TNC Coin on various cryptocurrency exchanges. This method requires knowledge of market trends and trading techniques. It's important to note that while trading can lead to significant profits, it also carries a high risk due to the market's volatility.

Participating in the Network

If you have technical skills, you can become a validator in the TNC Coin network. Validators are responsible for verifying and validating new transactions on the blockchain. In return for their services, validators earn transaction fees, which can be a substantial source of income.

In conclusion, while TNC Coin presents multiple opportunities for making money, it's crucial to remember that investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk. Therefore, it's always recommended to do thorough research and consider your financial situation before investing.

How Can I Buy TNC Coin (TNC)?

Create an Account on CoinTiger

To start your journey with TNC Coin, the first step is to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange that supports TNC. CoinTiger is one such platform where you can buy, sell, and trade TNC Coin. Visit their website and sign up using your email address. Make sure to set a strong password for your account to ensure its security.

Verify Your Account

After the account creation, you need to verify your identity. This process, also known as Know Your Customer (KYC), is an essential step to ensure the safety and security of the platform and its users. You will be asked to provide some personal information and documents like your ID or passport.

Secure Your Account

Once your account is verified, remember to secure it. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of security to your CoinTiger account. This ensures that even if someone knows your password, they won't be able to access your account without the 2FA code.

Deposit Fiat Or Cryptocurrency

Now, you are all set to deposit the funds. You can deposit either fiat currency or any supported cryptocurrency into your CoinTiger account. If you are new to the world of crypto, starting with a fiat currency like USD or EUR might be the easiest way.

Buy TNC Coin (TNC)

After depositing, you can finally buy TNC Coin. Navigate to the markets section on CoinTiger, find the TNC/USD or TNC/BTC pair, and decide how much TNC you want to buy. Click on 'Buy TNC', confirm your purchase, and voila! You are now a proud owner of TNC Coin.

Store Your TNC in a Secure Wallet

The final step is to safely store your TNC Coins. It's essential to move your cryptocurrency off the exchange and into a secure wallet. This way, you have complete control over your digital assets, and they are safe from potential exchange hacks.

For a more detailed guide on how to buy TNC, you can visit this page.

What are the Best Wallets for TNC?

Keeping your TNC Coins safe is as important as buying them. Here are a few wallets that you can use:

  • Trust Wallet: Trust Wallet is a secure and easy-to-use wallet that supports TNC Coin. It provides an additional layer of security with its key encryption and offers a user-friendly interface.

  • MyEtherWallet: As TNC Coin is an ERC20 token, it can be stored in any wallet that supports Ethereum. MyEtherWallet is a free, open-source, client-side interface for creating and using Ethereum wallets.

  • Ledger Nano S: If you prefer hardware wallets, Ledger Nano S is a good choice. It is a compact and lightweight device that can be used to store TNC Coins and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Trezor Wallet: Trezor is another hardware wallet that is compatible with TNC Coin. It offers top-notch security against virtual and physical theft.

Remember, the primary goal is to keep your TNC Coins safe. Therefore, always do your research before choosing a wallet, and never share your private keys with anyone.

How Can I Find More TNC Coin (TNC) News?

In the dynamically evolving world of cryptocurrencies, staying updated on the latest news and developments is crucial. For those interested in the TNC Coin, there are several resources available to keep you informed.

TNC Coin Website

The TNC Coin website is the primary and most reliable source of information about the TNC Coin. It provides comprehensive data about the coin, its features, and its roadmap. The website also includes news updates, press releases, and blog posts about the latest developments and achievements of the TNC Coin.

TNC Coin Whitepaper

The TNC Coin's whitepaper is an essential resource for anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of the coin. It details the coin's technical aspects, its underlying technology, its projected development, and its potential use-cases. Reading the whitepaper can provide a solid grounding in what TNC Coin aims to achieve.

TNC Coin Twitter

For real-time updates and announcements about the TNC Coin, their official Twitter account is a must-follow. It provides immediate news, updates, and insights about the coin. Moreover, it also engages with the community and responds to their queries and concerns.

Coins Similar To TNC Coin (TNC)

Cryptocurrency is a vast and diverse field, and there are several coins out there that share similarities with the TNC Coin. Here are some of them:


Lisk is a blockchain application platform that aims to make blockchain technology more accessible. Like TNC Coin, Lisk focuses on scalability and usability. It offers a range of tools for developers to build and deploy their own blockchain applications. For more information about Lisk, feel free to explore.


Radix is a decentralized ledger platform designed to provide scalability and speed, similar to TNC Coin. It uses a unique technology known as the Radix Engine to offer high throughput and low latency. To dive deeper into Radix's innovative approach to blockchain, be sure to visit the linked page.


Symbol, by NEM, is a next-generation, open-source, decentralized blockchain platform that focuses on value transfer. It shares TNC Coin's vision of seamless and secure transactions. For an in-depth look at Symbol and its offerings, don't hesitate to check out the link.


SKALE Network is an Ethereum-compatible network with a leaderless consensus designed to run on an uncapped number of independent nodes. It aims to bring speed and configurability to blockchain. Just like TNC Coin, SKALE focuses on improving the scalability of blockchain technology. To learn more about SKALE and its unique features, follow the provided link.

TNC Coin Markets

Rank Exchange Country Coin Types Fees Trade
1 China 1756 Currencies including TNC 0,02% > 0,35% More info
2 Seychelles 315 Currencies including TNC 2.86% - 3.90% More info
3 China 376 Currencies including TNC 2.86% - 3.90% More info

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