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Yield Guild Games (YGG) price today is $0.0000000 USD. Trading volume was 0.00 YGG in the last 24 hours. Current market cap of Yield Guild Games is $0 USD. Yield Guild Games has a circulating supply of 0 YGG coins out of a maximum supply of 0 YGG coins.

An In-Depth Look at Yield Guild Games (YGG)

What is Yield Guild Games (YGG)?

Yield Guild Games, often known as YGG, is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the virtual gaming world. The key focus of the organization is on games that operate on an ownership economy principle, where players have full ownership rights over the virtual assets they acquire or earn within the game.

YGG was launched on the 28th of June, 2021, by a team of seasoned experts in the blockchain and gaming industry. The founding team comprises Gabby Dizon, Beryl Chavez Li, and Owl of Moistness. Gabby Dizon, the co-founder and CEO, is a renowned figure in the gaming industry with over 17 years of experience. Beryl Chavez Li, the Chief Strategy Officer, is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in blockchain and crypto investments. Owl of Moistness, the third co-founder, is a pseudonymous blockchain enthusiast with an impressive track record in the DeFi space.

The team's vision for YGG is to create a global, inclusive economy around play-to-earn games where players can earn a livelihood while enjoying the gaming experience.

The Launch of YGG

Launched on 28th June 2021, YGG quickly gained traction in the crypto and gaming community. The organization raised $4 million in a seed funding round led by Delphi Digital and Scalar Capital, with participation from other investors like Yield Ventures, Gumi Cryptos, and Ascensive Assets.

YGG's token, also known as $YGG, was launched on SushiSwap's MISO launchpad, which helped the project gain significant visibility and attract a substantial community of players and investors.

Yield Guild Games (YGG) Use Cases

YGG functions as a player's guild for various blockchain-based games, providing financial support to players in the form of NFTs. These NFTs, which can be anything from virtual lands to characters or weapons, are pooled together in the YGG's treasury and are lent out to the guild's members. This allows players who might not have the financial means to acquire these NFTs to participate in play-to-earn games, thereby democratizing the gaming economy.

Scholarship Program

One of the primary use cases of YGG is its Scholarship Program. This program allows players, known as Scholars, to borrow NFTs from the guild's treasury and use them to earn in-game assets. The earned assets are then shared between the Scholar and the Guild based on a pre-determined ratio. This creates an opportunity for players from developing countries to earn a living by playing video games.

Gaming Metaverse Investments

YGG also invests in virtual lands and other in-game assets across various metaverse projects. For instance, it has purchased land in virtual worlds like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland. These investments serve two purposes. First, they provide the guild with a steady stream of income from rentals and other in-game activities. Second, they offer YGG members exclusive access to these virtual spaces, where they can interact, socialize, and participate in different activities.


YGG token holders have a say in the guild's decision-making process as the organization operates on a DAO model. They can vote on various proposals, such as which games the guild should invest in, how the rewards should be distributed, and other operational matters.

In conclusion, Yield Guild Games is revolutionizing the play-to-earn gaming industry by creating an inclusive economy where anyone, regardless of their financial status, can participate and earn.

How Can I Buy Yield Guild Games (YGG)?

Buying Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a simple process that involves a few steps. Follow the guide below to get started.

Create an Account on Binance

First, you need to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange that supports YGG. Binance is a recommended platform due to its high liquidity and wide range of supported cryptocurrencies. In order to create an account, visit the Binance website and follow the prompts.

Verify Your Account

After creating an account, you will be required to verify your identity. This is a standard procedure designed to prevent fraudulent activities. You'll need to provide a valid ID and proof of address. The verification process may take a few hours to a few days, depending on the level of traffic on the site.

Secure Your Account

Security is paramount in the world of cryptocurrency. To secure your account, enable two-factor authentication (2FA). This will provide an extra layer of security, as you'll need to provide a second form of identification alongside your password.

Deposit Fiat Or Cryptocurrency

Once your account is set up and secure, you can deposit funds. Binance supports a wide range of deposit methods, including bank transfers and credit/debit cards. You can also deposit other cryptocurrencies into your Binance wallet and use them to purchase YGG.

Buy Yield Guild Games (YGG)

To buy YGG, navigate to the markets section on the Binance platform and search for the YGG pair that matches the currency you deposited. Enter the amount you wish to purchase and click 'Buy'. Congratulations! You have now purchased Yield Guild Games (YGG).

Store Your YGG in a Secure Wallet

Lastly, you should transfer your YGG tokens to a secure wallet. Storing your tokens in a wallet rather than on an exchange provides greater security and control over your investment.

What are the Best Wallets for YGG?

Choosing the right wallet for your YGG tokens is crucial for their safekeeping. Here are some wallets that support YGG:

  1. MetaMask: MetaMask is a browser extension wallet that supports Ethereum-based tokens like YGG. It's easy to use and integrates well with decentralized applications.

  2. Trust Wallet: Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet that supports a wide range of tokens, including YGG. It also has an in-built dApp browser for interacting with decentralized applications.

  3. MyEtherWallet: MyEtherWallet is a free, open-source, client-side interface that helps you interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It supports ERC20 tokens like YGG.

  4. Ledger Nano S/X: Ledger Nano S/X is a hardware wallet that is considered one of the safest ways to store your tokens. It supports Ethereum-based tokens like YGG.

Remember, the safety of your investment begins with you. Always ensure you're using a secure internet connection when making transactions and only trust verified wallets and exchanges.

For a more detailed guide on how to buy YGG, visit https://www.datacoinz.com/coins/yield-guild-games/buy/.

Yield Guild Games (YGG) Tokenomics

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain gaming, Yield Guild Games (YGG) has emerged as a unique player, setting the stage for a new era of gaming economics. The tokenomics of YGG are fascinating and worth understanding for blockchain enthusiasts and investors alike.

With a circulating supply of 264,853,028 YGG, the token offers a high degree of liquidity and transactional flexibility. However, it's important to note that the maximum and total supply of YGG is set at a whopping 1,000,000,000 YGG. This vast amount ensures the sustainability and scalability of the ecosystem.

One of the most intriguing aspects of YGG's tokenomics is its outstanding supply, which is the portion of the total supply that has not yet been issued. Currently, the outstanding supply stands at 74%. This significant percentage indicates a large potential for new tokens to enter the circulation, providing ample opportunities for new investors and participants.

The design of YGG's tokenomics showcases their commitment to creating a balanced and sustainable blockchain gaming ecosystem. The circulating supply provides a robust market, while the outstanding supply ensures that there is room for growth and expansion.

How Can I Find More Yield Guild Games (YGG) News?

Staying updated with the latest news and developments is essential for anyone involved in the blockchain and gaming industries. Yield Guild Games provides several resources for enthusiasts and investors to keep track of their latest updates, news, and developments.

Yield Guild Games Website

The Yield Guild Games website is the primary source of information on everything related to YGG. It provides a comprehensive overview of their vision, mission, and the games they support. It also provides updates on their latest partnerships, developments, and events. For anyone interested in the YGG ecosystem, their website is the first place to visit.

Yield Guild Games Whitepaper

The Yield Guild Games Whitepaper offers an in-depth understanding of their platform, tokenomics, and the technology behind it. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to gain a deep understanding of YGG's innovative approach to blockchain gaming.

Yield Guild Games Twitter

For real-time updates on Yield Guild Games, their Twitter account is the go-to resource. They regularly post updates on their activities, announcements, and partnerships. Following their Twitter handle is a great way to stay in the loop with the latest news from YGG.

Yield Guild Games Reddit

Yield Guild Games also has a presence on Reddit, although the link is not provided here. However, Reddit is known to be a vibrant community of enthusiasts, developers, and investors who often engage in insightful discussions about the latest happenings in the blockchain gaming industry. It can be a valuable resource for getting the pulse of the community's thoughts and sentiments about YGG.

In conclusion, staying updated with Yield Guild Games and its developments is made easy through their various online channels. Whether you're an investor looking to understand their tokenomics, or a gaming enthusiast interested in their supported games, the resources mentioned above will keep you well-informed.

Yield Guild Games Markets

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1 Hong Kong 287 Currencies including YGG 0.04% - 0.4% More info
2 Cayman Islands 366 Currencies including YGG 0,10% More info
3 China 376 Currencies including YGG 2.86% - 3.90% More info
4 Cayman Islands 723 Currencies including YGG 0.04% - 0.4% More info

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